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Garlic prawns recipe
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If you want to know how to make garlic prawns, this is the recipe you need. I am going to teach you step by step so you can prepare this delicious dish easily and quickly.

Shrimps or prawns with garlic is a traditional recipe of Spanish cuisine, which has come to our country by the hand of immigrants dozens of years ago. Nowadays you can enjoy this dish in several parts of the country, but it is mainly offered in places near the coast.

For this recipe we will use prawns, you can also use shrimps, which are thawed and clean.

To defrost this product, simply leave it for a few minutes in cold water. The defrosting process is very fast, once completed you drain them and they are ready to cook.


  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 200 gr of peeled and thawed prawns
  • Salt and pepper, sweet paprika

How to make garlic prawns

  1. We are going to start with 4 cloves of garlic that we are going to peel and then we are going to cut them into thin slices.
  2. Once we have the garlic sliced, we are going to put a frying pan over medium heat to heat it up.
  3. Add a splash of olive oil -or regular oil if you don’t have olive oil- and cook the sliced garlic.
  4. Garlic burns very fast, so we take care that this does not happen. We move them with a wooden spoon and if necessary we lower the intensity of the fire.
  5. Meanwhile I have prepared 200 grams of prawns. These already came clean, but if not, you will have to make a small cut in the back to remove the intestine, which is a black strip. If you have to clean them, I recommend you do it before cooking the garlic.
  6. Add the prawns to the pan to cook together with the garlic. The shrimp or prawns cook very quickly, about 3 minutes approximately.
  7. Add a little salt, a little freshly ground black pepper and a little sweet paprika or Spanish paprika if you have it.
  8. We let it cook, that it gets on one side, that it cooks on the other side. Let it take flavor.
  9. Once it is cooked you will see that it curls up a little, that it already has a more consistent texture and color, and at that moment we are ready to serve.

We present the garlic prawns on a plate with a little bit of lettuce to decorate and a few slices of lemon for flavor and we have finished a super quick and easy to prepare dish that will make you look like a crack.

Prawns or shrimps?

Shrimps and prawns are some of the most common crustaceans in gastronomy. Although they are very similar to each other, there are some small differences between them. Shrimps have a smaller size, a larger head and a more flattened tail. On the other hand, prawns have a larger size, a smaller head and a thinner tail. Shrimp also have a more intense flavor, while prawns have a milder and more delicate flavor.

One of the most popular recipes with shrimp is the dish known as “gambas al ajillo” (the same one we prepare here). Depending on the region the preparation may vary in details, but basically it consists of shrimp fried in olive oil with garlic, paprika, parsley and a touch of lemon. It is a very tasty and easy to prepare dish. It can be served as an appetizer or as a main dish.

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