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Baked stuffed eggplants
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We are going to prepare baked stuffed eggplants using in this case, a vegan stuffing.

Needless to say that this same procedure and technique can be applied with the filling you like the most to prepare eggplants that will please your whole family.

In my case I chose a simple stuffing where I reuse the eggplant pulp and only add onion, bell bell pepper and tomatoes. If you would like you could add zucchini squash and you would get a ratatouille style filling.

Ingredients needed

1 eggplant
1 onion
1/2 red bell bell pepper
1 tomato
Salt, oregano
White wine
Cream cheese

Step by step preparation of baked stuffed eggplants

  1. Cut the end of an eggplant and open it in half. With a spoon we are going to remove the stuffing, we are going to leave it hollow.
  2. Put a frying pan on the fire, add a little bit of oil and cook diced onion and sweet bell pepper.
  3. Once the onion and sweet bell pepper are soft, add chopped tomato and the eggplant stuffing.
  4. Add salt, oregano and a dash of white wine. Let the alcohol evaporate and cover it.
  5. To this stuffing you can add more things, whatever you want to flavor the stuffed eggplants. Mushrooms, minced meat, more vegetables… whatever you want.
  6. Once the stuffing is ready we are going to use it to stuff the eggplants. We place them in a dish and stuff them abundantly.
  7. Add cream cheese on top and bake in the oven until the eggplant is cooked and the cheese is au gratin.

Tip: If you want the eggplant to be softer, add a little water to the dish so that steam is generated in the oven and the eggplant cooks with the moisture.

I hope you enjoy them, they are a delicacy and ideal for your vegan friends!

Other stuffing ideas for eggplant

Stuffed eggplant is a delicious way to enjoy this vegetable. Once cooked, they can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients – here are some stuffing ideas!

Minced meat with onion, red bell pepper and a touch of spices: Ideal for people who are very carnivorous and find it hard to eat vegetables, this way we can get them to eat some eggplant with the excuse that they are stuffed with meat. By varying the spices we can achieve many variations of flavor.

Rice mixed with carrot, onion and spices: Another vegan option. It is a very good option if we use brown rice; other ingredients such as grated beets can also be added.

Feta cheese, olives and basil: This filling variant is ideal to prepare stuffed eggplants as a starter. It can be a good step before a stronger dish.

Spinach and cream cheese: One of the healthiest options, we can even use a low-calorie light cream cheese. Good idea if you want to take care of your meals.

Pesto and parmesan cheese: Another good variation for starters, here we combine the classic pesto with parmesan and the flavor of eggplants to achieve a unique dish that will leave everyone asking for more.

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