1. first time I saw your channel but I can say it's really amazing how u prepare a healthy for for ur daughter. I would love to try ur kids meal as I have a 7 year old son. that's hate to eat vegetables. he knows how to eat potato only, I love to see your daughters smile and the way she eats the food.

  2. Love the square bowls, it loos so inviting to eat from, good idea !
    So good to see vegan kiddie videos , (◠‿◠) i wish i had been vegan when my kids were little .❤
    I went wholefoods vegan over 2 years ago and my adult son enjoys my vegan meals although he doesn't choose to be vegan. But he's not really complaining and he feels good . I gladly subbed !

  3. THANK YOU for making these videos. I have run out of vegan ideas lately and my daughter has become extremely picky all of a sudden. I needed some inspiration- Thanks again!!

  4. It's always great when they try new things or try foods again! My son has gone through feeding therapy and occupational therapy and speech to get over many sensory issues with food-so it's encouraging to see kids that don't love everything they meet food wise.

  5. My daughter is the same way about zucchini. She will eat an entire bag of raw spinach, and basically every other vegetable. But if there is zucchini in something, forget about it! I sneak it into veggie lasagna, and so far that's the only meal she will eat it in, and not pick it out of.


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