1. Man! your channel is awesome, i´m Argentinian, and here, we eat a lot of meat cooked in the grill, i share your passion for the grill, i wish i could taste all those great recipes that you do. You have earned a new subscriber man!, keep it going!

  2. Great video! I've been following you since before I knew you had a YouTube channel, probably more than six years now. Your original videos were some of my biggest resources when I started to bbq and your original beef rib video is still one of my favourites. Congrats on all the success.

  3. Looks great. I buy my beef ribs already cut. This allows the entire surface of the rib to receive smoke and for all of the fat to crystalize. I have tried cooking them both ways, full rack and cut up. Cut up is far better.

  4. Wow, those ribs came out perfect, though. I thought it was burnt or too dry at first when I saw how much the bones was showing but the meat look tender and moist. So, you didn't trim the fat a bit and neither pull the membrane out but the pull on that bite looked just right. 👌

    Good job, fella.

  5. From one Greg to another, I love your channel. Please excuse the long rambling explanation.
    Lea & Perrins were chemists (pharmacists) whose shop was in the town of Worcester, in the county of Worcestershire.
    The pronunciation of many places in the UK is sometimes confusing as we don't always pronounce the whole word, and Worcester sounds like "wuster" as the 'ce' is silent. I was born near Leicester in Leicesterhire and it's pronounced Lester, and the county would be pronounced Lestersheer not Lysestershire, the "shire" becomes "sheer", hence Wuster and Wustersheer. Over the years in the UK the sauce has just come to be known as "WUSTER SAUCE" or sometimes Lea & Perrins, it's kind of like "band-aid" and 'kleenex" are here, a very well know commercial name.
    For the past 30 years that I've lived here I've had to listen to chefs call it "WOR-CES-TER-SHIRE SAUCE so I thank you for the correct pronunciation.

  6. Hey Greg

    Great beef ribs, looks delicious!

    can you make a copycat from the Apple pan steakburger in LA? Never went there but that apple relish looks amazing

    hope you see this message

    cheers all the way from Brazil man

  7. great ribs, how do you get even temp over a long period of time? I have a 22 inch weber and use your cast iron grates, not sure if steel grates would get better results here.

  8. Worcestershire is the county the nearest the thing the uk has to a 'state' and Worcester is the city and the pronunciations are different like they are spelt, the confusion is that some people call it "Worcester sauce" and others "Worcestershire sauce" however u do not pronounce Worcestershire like Worcester thats ridiculous also the way u pronounce Worcester is slightly off but i think thats as much to do with your accent


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