1. the onions and peppers you sauteed them in the pan with wont add any flavor to the jalapenos unless you cover the pan. If you dont do that then the onions and peppers make little difference to the overall dish.

  2. @kumar274
    Lol…we're pretty sure Jack in the Box did not invent the "Stuffed Jalapeno"…you can find them in most Mexican restaurants. The difference here is the way they are cooked, without the breaded covering and not deep fried (and an added desi kick). 🙂

  3. They look great! i have been making the traditional stuffed jalapenos that are deep fried for years, and one trick that you can do if you want the peppers softer is to boil them whole for 3-5 minutes, let them cool, then deseed and devein according to taste and continue with the recipe. I know some people like the crunch of a firmer pepper, but if you don't it's a reliable way to get them softer. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Alright, I made this the other day. The onions and peppers were a-OK but even when the jalepenos seemed cooked on the outside, they were still crunchy and raw inside. So I had to finish them by baking in the oven. Any suggestions 2 make it all happen on the pan?

  5. Hello, I love your videos! My question is, how do you manage to stay so thin? You are both so beautiful. I wish you would do a tip video on how you stay trim and still eat all this good food!
    Rebecca 🙂


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