1. With some Youtubers you notice that once they get the equipment experience to make high quality videos, they think can afford to slack off in content. But your videos are high quality in every aspect!

    Just a tip for the apples: They actually retain their moisture much better if you simply put the top of the apple back on before popping them in the oven

    Also note that most almond milk contains lots of sugar, so by paying attention to the ingrediants when buying almond milk, you can make your snacks much healthier

  2. Hi, I just wanted to mention something that I thought you might or might not have heard. I see that you use Xylitol a lot in your recipes. Xylitol is considered very dangerous to dogs. It's apparently worse then chocolate and your dog is very little so it probably would not take much to make him sick. You might not give your dog any people dog but I thought I mention it just in case.

  3. hahaha hahaha…..Brittany you're the best !! Ryan totally cracked me up, its midnight here , kids are sleeping and I'm like…..hahahahha….anyway …..the video was superb ! I can't wait to try the recipes out, thank you so much for all. love from Pakistan 🙂

  4. All looks delicious! I cant cook but I will try do apple crumble for this weekend since it's easy <3 Anyway I love your hair, would you please make video about hair care tips?


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