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このSta-Wet パレットは従来国内で入手してきましたが、常に品不足の状態です。 在庫確保のためにアメリカからの輸入に切り替えました。円安の影響もあり値上がり していますがご理解のほどよろしくお願いいたします。. Sta-Wet Palette Keeps Paints Fresh For Days With Airtight Lid 857 商品コード 13011244284 商品名 マスターソンアート ハンディー ウェットパレット 11000002 JAN 0798527257785 型番 11000002 ※他モールでも併売しているため 詳細を.

The Masterson Sta-Wet Premier Palette saves you paint, money, and time by preserving the freshness of acrylics and other waterbased paints, both while you are painting and between painting sessions. Masterson's Sta-Wet palettes are made of a lightweight white plastic that cleans up easily. Keeps your acrylics, watercolours and oils moist and save time and money! The sponge layer creates a damp atmosphere and keeps. Masterson Sta-wet palette - Handy Palette Film Refill 30 Since I am primarily using Acrylics this palette and the papers for the system are just the ticket - since they keep moist forever in this system - The best there is for acrylic. Shop for stay-wet palettes at Jackson's. These palettes are designed specifically to keep acrylic paints wet and workable for longer. British Pound Sterling GBP £ Australian Dollar AUD $ Brazilian Real BRL R$ British Pound. Reeves Tear Off Palettes 9 x 12" Reeves Tear Off Palettes 9 x 12" $11.50 inc GST Add SKU 1150021132 Holbein Metal Palette 1130-40 Holbein Metal Palette 1130-40 $26.80 inc GST L 25cm x W 22cm – 13 slants and 3 wells.

Angel GiraldeZ is one of the best painter in the world. He uses Everlasting Wet Palette daily. In this video, Angel demonstrates how to setup, use and take advantage of a Painter Wet Palette. Invaluable tips and tricks for any miniature. Acrylics dry fast which is an advantage when you want to work quickly. However, it’s frustrating when your paint dries on the palette before you have a chance to use it. Below are 8 tips that will help you to keep your acrylic paints wet. Brown baking paper can be helpful if you pre-paint your painting surface with a pale tint to create a mid-tone base colour, as it replicates this quite well. Use whatever works best for you. If you need to keep your paints moist to.

La palette pratique Sta-Wet permet de conserver l’humidité des couleurs très longtemps. Elle est munie d’un couvercle pratique qui facilite le transport. La palette pratique Sta-Wet.

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