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Google OAuth 2.0のNginxプロキシ oauth proxy kubernetes 1 私はUbuntu 14.04 サーバーを持っており、このサーバー上のlocalhost:3000で動作する流星アプリケーションを持っています。 私のサーバーの公開FQDNはsub. 2018/10/24 · With Nginx’s auth_request module and Vouch Proxy, you can enforce OAuth login to GSuite. As your team members change, you can add and remove accounts via Google and be assured that proper access rights are being maintained without having to touch every application you’re running and manage access on each application individually. 2016/01/20 · Editor – This post formerly described the OAuth Technology Preview introduced in NGINX Plus R8. That solution is superseded by support for the JSON Web Token JWT standard, introduced in NGINX Plus R10. For details about. 我有一个Ubuntu 14.04服务器,我有一个在这台服务器上运行localhost:3000的流星应用程序.我的服务器的公共FQDN是sub..流星应用程序使用Google OAuth 2.0,我在Google API控制台中配置了以.

nginx-google-oauth 将 Google OAuth添加到 Nginx 中的Lua MODULE。安装 你可以将 access.lua 复制到 Nginx 配置,或者克隆存储库。 你的Nginx 安装必须用Lua支持构建,你也需要 json 和 luasec 模块。你将需要安装以下软件包。. Lua module to add Google OAuth to nginx Lua module to add Google OAuth to nginx Developers Topics News My account Sites Search. Made with love by Craft Work Developed by Rui Bogas Developers Topics News. kasumani google_auth_proxynginx で作る簡易認証システム nginx advent calendar ですが、nginxの濃い話ではないです。nginxと組み合わせて作成する簡易認証システムについて書きます。 Tags: feedly, ifttt, recently read, saved for. nginx-google-oauth Lua module to add Google OAuth to nginx Github 资源库 主要指标 平台: TBD 许可证: MIT 分类: 未分类 喜欢 0 Github 星跟踪图 自述文件 主要指标 评论 0 nginx-google-oauth Lua module to add Google.

I need to authenticate using OAuth 2 a user whenever they attempt to access their notifications. I've got an Nginx instance acting as a reverse proxy to an API api. built on Django, and a Node server notifications. for real-time notifications. 2015/01/31 · Also worked here, I saw the module was recognized by php by typing php -m. I wanted to test it and opened phpinfo where there was still no section called Oauth, even after a Nginx restart. since service is not. Proxy Nginx con Google OAuth 2.0 meteor google-oauth 1 Tengo un servidor Ubuntu 14.04 y tengo una aplicación de meteorito que se ejecuta en localhost:3000 El FQDN público de mi servidor es sub. Mi archivo.

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